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Changes at McMurdo

28 January, 2012

Friday, 27th January, 2012


As we prepare to leave Antarctica tomorrow, I thought it would be interesting to show some of the changes that have taken place on Ross Island since we first arrived back in mid December.

A lot of snow has melted:

This is the view of observation hill from the Crary centre in mid December

and this is the same view at the moment


It turns out the expanses of white flat stuff around us was actually the frozen sea when boats started turning up.

Frozen ocean

unfrozen ocean

you could walk back to McMurdo from Hut point

but now there might be a boat in the way

the harbour frozen over

fuel ship in harbour



And tomorrow we should be leaving all this behind as we fly back to Christchurch where the sun sometimes sets, there are more colours in nature than black and white, and your nose isn’t at risk of falling off when you go outside.

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  1. Leanne Bycroft permalink
    29 January, 2012 1:32 pm

    Welcome Home! Mum xx

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